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Register online or call the college office directly for registration.
Tume Integrated Empowerment College is accepting applications for classroom/online students including the marginalised groups and migrants to be empower and be essential with skills and knowledgeable beyond the traditional education, and pilot the wave of unemployment uncertainty and become an employer or industry ready.
TIEC admits school dropoutS, potential entrepreneurs, marginalised groups, migrants, workers and entrepreneurs who want to acquire skills to start a business (develop ideas from ground zero), upgrade their knowledge and skills to enhance their performance on the job or to become industry ready. The college also admits BECE/WASSCE private and language (French/English) students.
Inclusivity and not exclusivity that divulge problems as opportunities for empowerment, employability, curiosity, strategic thinking, creativity, developing new ideas beyond the course, efficiency, resilience, communication, networking, time management. finance and integrity are the college core values.