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About Us

TIEC started in 2019 as a college to empower and provide students including the marginalised groups, migrants and school dropout in society knowledge, skills and abilities to build up careers in developing countries.
TIEC also assist remedial students who does not meet criteria that would allow them to continue schooling and learning to achieve expected competencies in core academic skills with our remedial programmes for BECE/WASSCE private exams with the West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

TIEC admits school dropout, potential entrepreneurs, remedial students, marginalised groups, migrants, workers and entrepreneurs who want to acquire skills to start a profession (develop ideas from ground zero), upgrade their knowledge and skills to enhance their performance on the job or to become industry ready and integrate in the global society.

The college also admits language (French/English) students to balance up local and international schooling and learning equation.

Inclusivity and not exclusivity that divulge problems as opportunities for empowerment, employability, curiosity, strategic thinking, creativity, developing new ideas beyond the course, efficiency, resilience, communication, networking, time management. finance and integrity are the college core values.

Our philosophy is to empower students to understand and believes that challenges are opportunities, even during crises era like COVID-19 pandemic – there are still opportunities towards sustainable livelihood.

Ms. Lois Tume Mbinglo-Nsodu | Founder & Director
Dr. Alfred Nsodu Mbinglo | Co-Founder & Co- Director


We are dedicated to creating educational empowerment, skills development environment and entrepreneurial skills development that leaves no-one behind for resilience and adaptability to navigate the tide of uncertainty and become relevant to the society.

Enhancing interpersonal skills development and innovation that connects students' lives and their future in a safe , supportive, and nurturing environment in an ever-changing world.

Create a pleasant , secure and God centred environment that promote critical thinking and equip learners with skills for sustainable development.


To become a holistic training and skills development institute, raising global change-makers beyond the traditional education towards sustainable socio-economic development.


Holistic Education, empowerment and skills acquisition beyond the course for resilience and adaptability to navigate the tide of uncertainty and integrate in the global society.


To be the most creative skill acquisition institution in Ghana and Africa that empowers with integrity and give students, including the marginalised groups in society, the abilities to succeed beyond the course of global scene to enable them integrate and change the global environment - both the formal and informal sectors.

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What Our Students Have to Say

The training is world class. There's a big difference between how I am today and how I was when I came to TIEC.
Kelvin Avornyo
From Dallas, USA
There is no better place for me to learn all the essentials to establish a great successful tech startup.
Zasha Swan
From Australia
TIEC is the best empowerment centre; offering the best education and skills beyond the course for skills, resilience and adaptability.
Frank Jones
From Japan
They're the most creative skill acquisition institution in Ghana, offering the chance for empowerment with integrity and giving students, including the marginalised groups in society, the abilities to succeed.
Jack Brownn
From London, UK

"Empowerment with integrity "

Education beyond the traditional Course